"Jack created such a nice room. We appreciated his attention to detail."

- Karen A.


Have you thought through what you really want?

What especially important features are personal priorities for you? Perhaps environmental issues are of particular interest to you, or safety issues, or long-term family needs and plans that would need to be worked into the process from the start.

At our first meeting tell us about your personal priorities. You’ll also want to show us examples of other projects you like, or ones that you don’t particularly care for. Maybe you’ve made a file with magazine and online photos you’ve saved. Or better yet, use an online site like Pinterest or Houzz to create a binder of ideas that sparked your imagination.

At our complimentary initial consultation we’ll discuss realistic budget ranges based on your information. We’ll show you examples of projects in our portfolio that incorporate your thoughts and ideas. We will also take measurements and perhaps some photos of your home for our reference when we work up a customized estimate for you in our office.

An Estimate or a Quote—what’s the difference?

It’s all in the details. Until we know the specific products, numbers, colors, and other details, we can provide an estimated price based on generally standard industry costs for similar projects we have completed.

If that is acceptable, we next guide you in selections of specific products. We will provide samples of materials and finishes, colors, and other details to make a quotation for the project with the final cost. Once this is signed, we’re ready to start the project.

How long does this take?

Since specific selections are needed to provide an accurate quote, the time it takes to determine these and many other factors will depend on your individual speed in the decision making process. We provide samples and take you to showrooms to guide you in this process, but you ultimately are the deciding factor.

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