"Jack did a beautiful job on our kitchen. We were very impressed by his meticulous workmanship and the results were spectacular!" 

- John V


“What will it cost?” is the biggest question. The range for ‘average’ kitchens, bathrooms, additions, and other projects is an elusive number. The wide variety in products, and quality of those products, means we can design and install a remodeling project to match nearly any budget. The ‘short and sweet’ quick change to the full-on ‘gut and remodel’—the scope of your project can have some guidelines, however:

  • Keep your priorities front and center. Remodeling projects are susceptible to ‘mission creep’. Keep in view your financial goals beyond your project. Consider the cost of waiting as well—putting the project off will always cost more in the future.
  • Keep in view your remodeling goals—do you want to upgrade outdated styles, or increase value, or accommodate future aging needs? How long do you plan on living in the home?
  • What about timing—plan the start to your advantage. Will a graduation party, family reunion, or wedding celebration be on the horizon? Start early to allow plenty of time to select products and allow for delivery dates without adding stress. At times, we can speed the project up if no one is living in the home yet.
  • Moving walls, mechanicals and plumbing will increase the cost of your project. Think through the finished space and let things stay where they are if the improvement in moving them is minimal.


Compare ‘apples to apples’—to be accurate, the products you compare need to be the same, not just similar. Granite prices vary by grade; faucet finishes affect the price; and don’t just look on line—you want to see the product in person. Make the trip to the brick and mortar show room to be sure it is what you want. Changes can be made down the line, but they often cost more due to installation factors.

Once your products are ordered, once install has begun, do not change your mind. It can potentially move out the finish date, or affect the budget.

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BBC Construction & Remodeling provides a written estimate complete with detailed product specs and services included. Optional items are listed separately with a cost that you select by item on the final contract.

  • We further provide a schedule of the job’s progression with dates and pay-out schedule. Our work and materials are guaranteed for one year after completion of the project.
  • We tell you what you will need to do to prepare for the start of construction. We discuss where existing items, such as appliances and furnishings, will be stored, or if pod storage is best.
  • We take special care to seal off the work area from the rest of your home to keep dust and debris contained. And we vacuum the site at the end of each day to minimize tracking.

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