Creating Your Basement Retreat

A play space for the kids today; a home theater room for tomorrow—basements are the ‘change and adapt’ area of your home. They can be divided into multiple areas to fit a lot of uses:

Laundry room, media room, guest bedroom, kids' playroom, teens' 'hang out' room, adults' hobby area, a workshop, extra storage, a home gym: any and all of these could be incorporated into your lower level.

It will help you decide how to utilize your basement space by studying the current and future needs for your family. What are your children's ages? Do you expect aging parents to move in with you? Will you need a guest room?

Things to consider:

  • Built-in shelving
  • Closets
  • Countertops and cabinetry
  • Defining each use area
  • Furnishings needs

Built-ins help shape the wide spaces most basements present. A craft area will need countertops, as well as built-in shelving. An advantage of a lower level media room is the larger furniture pieces for seating that can be used. Game tables that are too big anywhere else will typically fit into a basement area.

They are an investment, but they will add to your home's resale value. Lighting, plumbing, heating, hardware, fixtures, tiles, grout colors, countertop materials, cabinetry will all be needed. We can help you through the process, within all budget levels and scales of work.

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