"Jack turned my old feed trough into my wet bar to fit in with my 1860's house."

-Dave W.



Environmentally responsible, Energy-efficient

BBC Construction can help you select environmentally friendly, sustainable, and attractive products for your new kitchen, bathroom, or addition. As you plan your project, consider if these are personal priorities for you and your family. Health and safety issues might be your concern as well.

Recycling your kitchen cabinets and countertops for use in your basement or garage is an excellent way to extend their life. Newer appliances, however, are nearly always lower in energy consumption.

New cabinets, countertops and flooring products made from bamboo, alder, certain maples, and other sustainable wood products can be selected.

Lighting can be specified that is energy-efficient, helping to reduce your energy use and costs.

Energy-efficient windows and increased insulation in the walls further add to lower energy usage.

Ventilation not only removes odors and moisture but contributes to improved air quality. Special cabinet finishes are available for family members with allergies and related sensitivities.

A variety of filters can be installed to address water quality. Water-saving toilets can be specified for your bathrooms.

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Non-slip floors can help prevent falls. Cabinets that store cleaning products can be thoughtfully placed.

Lighting can be added to workspaces for better visibility.


Other considerations to make for user-friendliness are the height of counter tops, width of aisles/passageways, rollouts and pullouts for easy access to cookware and dishes.

 Let Us Hear Your Thoughts

What’s your style?

You’ll be able to make quicker decisions if you first consider your likes/dislikes in style and colors. Some things to consider:

  • In cabinetry, do you like wood tones, or white, or colors?
  • Do you like clean lines and geometric shapes, or are swirls, scrolls and curves more to your liking?
  • Are you a traditionalist, or more contemporary? Casual or formal?

Make your Etsy, Houzz or Pinterest files to tuck away examples you see that speak to you.

Share your design pics with us